Lola Marois-Bigard “100% natural” but… Her secrets about cosmetic surgery

In an interview for our colleagues from Public, Lola Marois-Bigard confided in the passage of time. But the wife of Jean-Marie Bigard reveals not to have had recourse to cosmetic surgery.

This year, Lola Marois-Bigard will be 40 years old. Blossoming in her private and professional life, the actress of More beautiful life looked at the passage of time to our colleagues from Audience. And the actress is not afraid to grow old : “I am happier than at 25! I love myself more and more, especially thanks to Jean-Marie who looks at me with the admiration that I missed as a child. I think I transfer the little recognition from my father“, she confides. As for the use of cosmetic surgery, the one who embodies Ariane in the fiction of France 3, declares: “Otherwise I had a few injections of Botox on my frown line a few years ago because I often get angry”.

However, Lola Marois-Bigard has not had cosmetic operations : “And recently a permanent make-up on the lips. For the rest I am 100% natural”, she proudly reveals. This interview was also an opportunity for the actress to make an update on her couple, especially when some thought she had a free relationship with Jean-Marie Bigard : “Not at all! My words have been distorted. I am free by nature, but I am totally monogamous. There is no question of going elsewhere, I prefer to leave than to deceive”.

Lola Marois confides in her vision of the couple

A cash update, which responds to his statements during his appearance on the Jordan De Luxe show: “In everyday life, we allow ourselves a lot of freedom, we go out, we do what we want. I don’t like to say that we are not a free couple, it’s not true. You can be a free couple but monogamous and faithful to your husband, but you can be free to go out, to meet people, to seduce, otherwise life is sad if you can only seduce your own husband or wife.