Lola Marois ready to sell her intimate photos? She says for how much!

Lola Marois was part of one of the most emblematic figures of Plus belle la vie. The pretty blonde has indeed seen her professional career take off with the broadcast of this soap opera. If the rumors that the latter was going to stop were finally confirmed, new doors have already opened to her. Unfortunately for her, fame isn’t all upside down. The young woman who had repeatedly been confronted with equally indecent proposals from each other.

An ever-increasing sense of humor

Many Internet users have fallen for this beautiful blonde to whom life seems to have given everything. Its legendary beauty having crossed the borders of France. As a result, some do not hesitate to exceed the limits of the acceptable in the remarks they make to him. Some even went so far as to offer her a lot of things, as was the case with a fan who fell in love with her. He then asked her to marry him, promising to leave his wife immediately. A proposal to which she had replied that it was useless to disrespect her darling.

Lola Marois Story
Lola Marois sells photos of her feet/Instagram/@lolamarois

Another fan asked her if she was selling pictures of her feet. What Lola Marois had retorted with humor that she only sold the left and that it cost 10,000 euros.