Lola Ruiz: “A Bolivian tattoo artist can live from her art in the United States”

It was difficult to make an appointment so that I could attend SOCIALS, because Luz Nohelia Ruiz Peláez (23)better known as Lola, is much in demand in Washington (United States), where you reside. Have full agenda up inside six months.

The young woman from Santa Cruz conquered the United States as a tattoo artist two years ago, out of the five she has been in the field, and took root in the northern country. To date she has participated in numerous international conventions to hone her talent in microrealism and botanyespecially in New York, and now he is specializing in realism with Fernando González, one of the most famous tattoo artists in the US and with whom he works.

yesyour whole body is a canvas, he has 50 tattoos that represent its essence, its history and its desires.

It was not easy at all

Lola arrived in New York in 2020, with his whole family and many plans to fulfill. However, just one day after his arrival, the borders were closed and people were isolated in their homes due to the coronavirus.

“Fortunately we had savings; The first six months were very hard, but united and thank God we were able to see how to survive the quarantine”, recalls the artist.

He says that after the restrictions were relaxed, he joined a tattoo studio in New York. She then was touring New Jersey with everything and a baby bump, she’s been a mom for eight months, learning and tattooing at conventions. He is currently part of the team Embassy Tattoo.

Why do they choose it?
Lola’s clients must wait many months to hire her talent. The first contact is through her manager, who writes down the data of the people
and your requirements.

Then, just Lola reviews the designs, the characteristics and soaks up the meaning of each drawing. “According to all that I filter them and I choose what I want to tattoo, what best suits my style”express.

Woman and tattoo mom

She considers that there are few tattoo artists, especially in South America, because women do not feel included in this type of art that has been taken over by men.

“In the United States there is no discrimination against tattoo artists, men and women are appreciated and required equally. Instead, during the time I was in Bolivia, I realized the differences that were made and that there was no inclusion in the team or respect for the artistsand that is something that prevents us from growing”, he explains.

For that reason, it is that Lola was forced to migrate to a country where their work is appreciated and there are opportunities to develop. “Now the style I work with, in fine line and micro-realism, is a big seller all over the world,” he adds.

Lola speaks very little about her family, she tries to keep her job and her private life separate. “I can only say right now that I’m happy and that I have an eight-month-old girl named Donatella,” he reveals.

Back to Bolivia

Do you have plans to open a franchise of his study in Santa Cruz de la Sierraat Mall Ventura and Las Brisas, and also, if you can and have enough equipment, in La Paz.

“I think of those cities because it is where it is sold the most in
Bolivian; in La Paz is where people get more tattoos”, reveals.

In ten years he plans to retire from the trade, because he will have already gotten enough juice out of it, and plans to dedicate himself to transmitting to new generations what he learned on his journey. “I want to share everything, and that other people have the opportunity to succeed and achieve their dreams thanks to art, because you can live from art. Although many people think otherwise, art is lived and enjoyed“, it states.

Music, another talent

Another of her talents, but one that is being forgotten, is that of singing, and thanks to it Luz Nohelia jumped to the public arena in Bolivia, by participating in a reality show.

He considers his time on television as an “invaluable experience”, with which he learned a lot from his peers.

Lola remembers that she was just a girl when she dreamed of meeting Amy Winehouse and Nina Simone. He liked to sing, but he thinks that at first he wasn’t that good at it. “I began to practice and I was evolving, I noticed my improvement when some friends invited me to record in a studio. It was incredible”,

Although he has no return date, he would like to return to the stage with the style he loves, the R&B To his surprise, too has received proposals to boost his musical career, but that will be later, for now it is focused on the world of ink and needles.