Lola Weippert: She was stalked: “I was so scared of death afterwards”

Another shock message! Presenter Lola Weippert only recently made a name for herself when she was attacked on vacation. Now she revealed that she had a stalker.

Professionally, the former “Let’s Dance” star is in the fast lane! Radio and TV presenter Lola Weippert (25) inspires her fans above all with her natural and personable nature. In addition, she always gives intimate insights into her everyday life. Lola also likes to show moments when things are not going smoothly for her.

She recently revealed that not only was her cell phone stolen while on vacation in South Africa, but that she also fell for scammers! But that’s not all: the attractive 25-year-old recently revealed that she was once stalked.

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Ex-“Let’s Dance” star Lola Weippert: “I had a stalker”

In her Instagram story, Lola first told of a nice encounter from a fan who had tracked her down. Relieved, she pointed out that she was glad that the fan didn’t turn out to be a stalker, because: “I’ve had stalkers before and that’s where the fun stops.” Ouch! The presenter then revealed that she had already had a bad experience: “I had a stalker, but I didn’t really want to publicly announce it.” She described her experience as “one of the downsides of being in the public eye.”

Lola Weippert remembers the scary incident: “Something’s wrong”

The 25-year-old then said that some time ago a strange man stood unannounced in front of her apartment door: “Not even downstairs, outside the house, but upstairs in front of my front door.” Lola continues: “I thought to myself: wait a minute, it’s one in the morning. And suddenly I checked: something is wrong.” Lucky in misfortune: Lola was not alone at the time – and the uninvited guest was received by the police. Nevertheless, the incident occupied her for a long time afterwards: “I was so scared of death afterwards. When I was traveling alone, I was so afraid that the guy would be there somewhere again.”

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