Lola Weippert: Shock on vacation: “We fell for scammers”

Actually, it couldn’t be any better for radio and TV presenter Lola Weippert (25) at the moment – ​​at least from a professional point of view. Together with comedian Chris Tall (30), she moderates “Das Supertalent” on RTL, for example. Privately, however, things are not going so well for the attractive 25-year-old.

It was only in August 2021 that she announced the separation from her boyfriend Florian. Lola is currently soaking up the sun in Cape Town, South Africa, where she is enjoying a well-deserved break. But things are also going wrong with Lola Weippert in the holiday paradise, as she desperately revealed on Instagram!

“Das Supertalent” moderator: Your cell phone was stolen

On Tuesday (January 18), the 25-year-old announced on her Instagram story: “Breaking news: You haven’t been to Cape Town if your cell phone hasn’t been stolen.” With that, Lola recalled an incident that took place while getting closer to a holiday fling. The moderator’s brand new smartphone was stolen from her pocket. But that’s not all! Lola Weippert continued: “We fell for scammers when we wanted to book our new villa.”

“Let’s Dance” star Lola Weippert: “13,000 euros were gone at first”

How did this happen? The “Let’s Dance” star explained that she was ripped off on an online platform when looking for new accommodation: “We’re doing the whole load here.” Speaking to her fans, she said: “If an online provider tries to convince you to book outside of the online platform, don’t do it! The risk is way too high. I took the risk, which was just stupid. In the end I can, thank God, get the money back, but 13,000 euros were gone for the time being.”