“Look at the majesty of the sleeves, it’s just the same fabric”: designer accuses Amanda Dudamel of plagiarizing the dress she wore at Miss Universe and Miss Venezuela defends herself | People | Entertainment

Amanda Dudamel, Miss Venezuela 2021 was left with the first runner-up band in the miss Universe 2022. The representative of the Caribbean country conquered the entire world with her beauty and charisma, and her name continues to give people something to talk about, but now because a designer launched an accusation when speaking of plagiarism of the gala dress that she wore to the contest.

The beautiful 23-year-old girl arrived in her country and was received at an event surrounded by the press, where she thanked all the support received during her participation in the international contest.

Days before, the Venezuelan representative went to the Univisión program “El Gordo y la Flaca” in which she was rebuked with the accusations referred to by a designer who made public her rejection of seeing the model she wore in the last appearance in which she met who was the winner

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Miss Venezuela, Amanda Dudamel is accused of plagiarism in her gala design

The daughter of Rafael Dudamel, the former technical director of Vinotinto became the “sentimental queen”, after being one of the favorites of many people who followed the contest in different latitudes of the world.

The gala dress that she wore was the subject of an accusation by the Venezuelan designer Samy Gicherman, stating that months before she had made a dress of the same model for a client.

He maintained that Amanda along with her fashion designer copied the style of her dress, a statement she made when she revealed how she felt when she saw the outfit of Miss Venezuela in the contest.

I couldn’t believe, I mean, I went into shock and immediately identify it, of course if I am the creator of one of these pieces last year, and now I see in the girl who is representing Venezuela a piece exactly the same”, he said with an expression of disbelief.

In addition, Gicherman highlighted that he was disappointed to learn that Dudamel had indicated prior to the final day that she had helped inspire what he would wear that night.

“I would have preferred that he had not said that the design was hers, but he did say it and shared it with the other designer and yes, the top of the two dresses are different, but from the bottom they are the same and keep the same colors,” he explained.

Amanda Dudamel defends herself

Nidal Nouaihed, originally from Zulia state, in Venezuela, was in charge of making the costume full of beads, sequins and crystals that Amanda Dudamel wore on stage in New Orleans.

It was a fantasy in a textile with geometric lines in a range of colors ranging from blue, light blue, highlighted with the golden tone that defined each color section.

Miss Venezuela visited the studio of the renowned Univisión presenters and was consulted about the accusations of a designer from her country. With the eloquence that characterizes her personality, the 23-year-old girl proceeded to deny that it was plagiarism or a copy, for which she offered an explanation.

“Regrettingly, these textiles are prefabricated and they both bought it, the upper part was what was designed and Nidal gave it the best interpretation of that fabric that exists,” he mentioned when justifying that it is only the same textile, but not the model .

“For you to say that it is a copy, it has to be exactly the same and if you see the two dresses, look at the majesty of the dress that I was wearing on top, the sleeves were totally designed for the occasion (…) because they were You can’t say that you can’t say it’s a copy of the same fabric”, he stated.

The beauty queen emphasized the “majesty” of the creation she chose for the Miss Universe election, with a bra that stood out above all to impregnate it with elegance and distinction, thanks to its lines and the way it adjusted to her slim figure . (AND)

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