look how he looked when he acted in “Wild Cat”

In more than two decades of successful professional career, John Alphonse Baptista has managed to establish itself as one of the most famous faces from the world of soap operas.

However, before reaching the pinnacle of recognition for his impeccable performance in melodramas like Passion of Hawksthe Venezuelan actor was an applicant like many.

His acting debut on television took place in his native Venezuela with his leading role in the successful youth telenovela with all my heart in the year 1997.

From then on, thanks to his talent, attractiveness and perseverance, he managed chain roles in different soap operas with which he consolidated himself as an actor. Between them, Wild cat.

The look by Juan Alfonso Baptista when he appeared in Wild cat

After several years standing out, Baptist rose to international fame with her starring performance in the hit Venezuelan-American soap opera premiered in 2002.

Bruno from Wildcat

Within the project, headed by Mario Cimarro and Marlene Favela, the then 26-year-old interpreter stood out in the skin of the handsome lifeguard Bruno Villalta.

At the start of the acclaimed production of Venevision and phonovideothe outgoing young man was one of many who was secretly in love with the protagonist, Rosaura Rios.

Later in the plot, the handsome nephew of Charity Mountainsthe cook of the wealthy Arismendi family, begins a romantic relationship with the introvert Luisa Montero.

The romance between the lifeguard and the heartthrob’s conservative cousin Luis Mario arismendi it is quite complex the young woman hid a double personality: the confident model Siren.

In the melodrama, the bride and groom go to live on the beach prior to their wedding, but they do not make it to the altar. And it is that in your home, their idyll crumbles before the permanent jealousy and rejection of him.

After a series of events, among them the continuous attempts of the maid Panchita López to win him overthe young man finally finds the love of his life in Starfish.

In each of his scenes in this soap opera classic, John Alfonso captivated the Spanish-speaking public with the great talent, dedication and professionalism that he showed.

Also, in the frames of Wild catthe actor was not only immortalized wasting his artistic talents, also his unquestionable physical attractiveness.

Thanks to his performance in this television phenomenon, which ended in 2003, Baptista also managed to internationalize as an actor and his career took off.

In fact, right after this performance, “El Gato” won the most important and famous role of his career: Oscar Reyes in Passion of Hawks. The rest is a success story that we all know.