look how Paola Rey looked when she debuted on television

Owner of a great talent, an unquestionable beauty and a charismatic personality, Paula King She is consecrated as one of the most successful and beloved actresses in Colombia.

However, before achieving this recognition, the talented star was an aspiring actress like many who had to make his way through the middle with perseverance and determination.

Her dream of becoming a great performer began to materialize in the mid-1990s when earned her first role in a Colombian television production.

Paola Rey’s appearance when she debuted as an actress on television

In 1996, Paola Andrea King debuted as an actress in the series Green firean RTI Television project in which he starred alongside such luminaries as Roberto Escobar and Carlos Benjumea.

Paola Rey in "Green fire"

Within the production that revolved around the emerald activity in Boyacá, written by the journalist Thomas Quinn and Benjamin Odell, Rey played Graciela Castañeda.

Paola Rey in "Green fire"

In the plot broadcast by Cadena Uno and Canal A, the young woman was the daughter of the powerful Enrique Castaneda (Benjumea), better known in the area as “The Tsar of Emeralds”.

Paola Rey in "Green fire"

At just 16 years old, the new artist stood out among her famous castmates demonstrating great acting skills and professionalism in fiction completed in 1998.

Paola Rey in "Green fire"

In the frames of the plot of drama and suspense, Paola, in addition to being immortalized squandering her talent, she did it exuding her beauty in the flower of youth.

What happened to Paola Rey after Green fire?

After its premiere on the small screen in Green fire, the actress continued unstoppably chaining roles in one production after another and building an incredible track record.

Thanks to his talent and dedication, it did not take him long to win his first leading role in the telenovela the baby sister (2000-2001), a project with which he achieved fame, affection and respect in his country.

After this great project, he won the role of Jimena Elizondo on Passion of Hawks (2003-2004), a highly successful telenovela on Telemundo that catapulted her to world stardom.

The woman in the mirror (2004-2005), Monte Cristo (2007-2008), The detectives and the Victor (2009-2010) and poor rich (2012-2013) are other productions in which he has starred.

Now, the public can enjoy Rey’s talent, appreciate how much she has matured as an actress and how little her image has changed since her debut, in the sequel to Passion of Hawks.

The project, where he puts himself back in the boots of the youngest of the Elizondoshas been broadcast since last February on American television through Telemundo.