look how the actress looked in her first novel as the protagonist

With more than two decades of successful artistic career behind him, Paula King has managed to establish itself as one of the most famous and beloved faces of Colombian television.

However, before becoming the consecrated star that he is today for his performance in melodramas such as Passion of Hawks (2003-2004), the actress was an applicant like many.

the colombian artist made his small-screen debut in the mid-1990s with a stellar performance in the series Green firean RTI Television production.

From then on, her talent, dedication and beauty allowed her to play roles in other projects until she managed to achieve what every actress dreams of: his first leading role.

Paola Rey’s appearance when she debuted in soap operas

In the year 2000, Paula King debuted as the lead in the melodrama the baby sistera Teleset production for Canal Caracol that he headed with the heartthrob Victor Mallarino.

Paola Rey in "the baby sister"

Within the comedy and drama project, opposed by Marcela Gallego and Manuela González, the interpreter stood out embodying the beautiful and flirtatious Fabiana Rivera.

The fiction, written by Ana María Londoño, Jörg Hiller and Camila Misas, initially follows the seemingly ideal life of a lawyer and professor at a prestigious university Daniel Moon.

Paola Rey in "the baby sister"

The protagonist lives happily with his wife Martha Parejoa successful couples psychologist who writes books about it and seems to be perfect in every aspect of her life.

However, everything collapses when Marta narrates in her latest book details of her intimacy with her husband that do not leave him well standing.

Paola Rey in "the baby sister"

To this event that shakes their relationship, others are added, such as the arrival in their lives of the king characteran outgoing college tourism student and cheerleader.

The young woman full of dreams arrives at the home of the Even Moon hired as “babysitting” of her children without knowing that she is one of the university students who is in love with Daniel.

Paola Rey in "the baby sister"

After an alleged affair between her husband and another student makes Marta leave her house, Fabianita and Daniel are left in charge of taking care of the children.

However, it doesn’t take long for he begins to reciprocate your feelings. Then he will have to debate between saving his marriage or giving himself over to his love with the nanny.

Paola Rey in "the baby sister"

In each of his scenes in this telenovela, Paula King demonstrated a great gift for acting and charisma with which he completely conquered the public and gained great recognition.

Likewise, in the frames of the successful fiction that ended in May 2001, the interpreter not only spreads her acting skills, but also her perennial beauty.

Paola Rey in "the baby sister"

Today, Paola Rey is 42 years oldstill looking as pretty as in the baby sister and continues to stomp on the acting world in her native Colombia with her talent.

In fact, he is currently playing his most famous character for the second time: Jimena Elizondo in the sequel to Passion of Hawks.

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