look how “Tita” looks at 43 years old

One of the characters of the Mexican soap opera Maria, the one from the neighborhood that most viewers remember, without a doubt, is about Maria de los Angeles De la Vega.

Despite entering the second stage of the successful Televisa melodrama, released in 1995, the girl everyone called “Tita”” managed to stick in the memory of the viewers.

aunt in "Maria, the one from the neighborhood"

Within the plot, led by Thalia and Fernando Colunga, Mary of the Angels is the adoptive daughter of the protagonists, the wealthy Luis Fernando de la Vega and Maria Hernandez.

Fernando decides to adopt her when she was a baby in an attempt to appease his wife’s pain for the loss of his son. As soon as she recovers, María accepts her, but she does not stop looking for her child.

Years later, Hernández has stopped going out in search of his baby, although he does not lose hope of finding it; While, her adoptive daughter has grown up without knowing her origins.

aunt in "Maria, the one from the neighborhood"

In history, the relationship between Maria de los Angeles and her mother turns sullen when the teenager thinks she is having an affair with Nanditoa humble young man who pretends to her.

Later, when his mother confesses that she is actually close to the boy because he is her biological son, the 16-year-old girl apologizes for her ill-treatment and they reconcile.

In addition, “aunt” faces other hard events in fiction, such as finding out in the worst way that she was adopted and meeting her biological parents, Veronica Robles and Clemente Barrena.

aunt in "Maria, the one from the neighborhood"

Behind this unforgettable character was impeccable Ludwika Palette. At that time, the artist enjoyed great fame thanks to her previous performances in children’s novels.

However, with this melodrama he made the leap to youthful roles with success in his career. Since then, 27 years have passed in which Much has changed in his life.

aunt in "Maria, the one from the neighborhood"

The change of “Tita” to 27 years of Maria, the one from the neighborhood

Nowadays, Ludwika Paleta is 43 years old.the passage of time has made him feel great because he looks better than ever and is still in force in the world of Mexican entertainment.

After his outstanding performance in Maria, the one from the neighborhoodfor which she even won the TVyNovelas award for best youth actress, the young performer continued building your path.

On television, since the last time she played Tita, the Polish-born star has played all kinds of characters in about 18 productions; according to imdb.

abyss of passion (2012), Centaur’s darling (2016-2017), Ruby pink (2018) and mother there are only two (2021) are some of the latest television projects in which he has shone.

On the other hand, in the movies, Ludwika has also conquered viewers with the display of his unquestionably great talent in approximately 13 film productions.

Flying low (2014), parallel courses (2016) and war of likes (2021) are some of the feature films in which the Ariel Award nominee has worked.

Likewise, on stage, the consecrated actress has also stood out as part of the cast of several stagings, such as I don’t know whether to cut my wrists or leave them long.

As for his personal life, the eternal “Tita” of Maria, the one from the neighborhood she is very reserved, but it is known that she is in love with her husband Emiliano Salinasto whom she has been married since 2013.

Likewise, she is the proud mother of three. her firstborn, Nicholaswas born in November 1999 and is the result of her first marriage to the actor Plutarch Haza.

While the two minors are the twins Barbara and Sebastiana product of love with her current partner, whom she gave birth to in 2017.