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The final chapters of ‘Stranger Things’ They arrived with a musical surprise that no one imagined could happen, because in the most emblematic moments of this impressive story began to sound some very representative and perceptible melodies of the metallica band that more than one thanked.

But, the most shocking thing about it is that this sound was none other than the theme ‘Master of Puppets’ and that It is played by bassist Tye Trujillo, son of the famous member of this band named Robert Trujillo. This was used in the key moments in which the boys of the town of Hawkins sought to attract the bats that surround the house of the powerful villain Vecna. For many this scene was one of the most shocking, as it brought to mind such a pure rock song, now performed by who is the continuity or musical heir of the trajectory of this member of Metallica.

Social networks were filled with hundreds of comments in which this participation was flattered, so much so that even Robert himself did not hesitate to congratulate his son for this participation that leaves his legacy and support high. “This is my son! I’m proud of you Tye! You’ve given it your all in the Stranger Things finale with Master of Puppets. Many thanks to Kirk Hammmett for the help!” The very happy and proud father wrote through his Instagram account in which he also placed a part of this scene in which he warned that it was a very significant spoiler for him.

Who is the son of the Metallica drummer who appears in ‘Stranger Things’?

Tye Trujillo is an outstanding musician, bassist that has been an important part of different rock musical groups. His outstanding career allowed him to be part of the series ‘Stranger Things’ in which he had an outstanding participation by playing the song ‘Master of Puppets’, which is one of the most emblematic of the Metallica group, but which this group decided to give him, since on several occasions he has accompanied them on their concert tours.

Even, he also managed to fill in for bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizy during Korn’s tour of Latin America.. As if that weren’t enough, groups like ‘Suicidal Tendencies’ also had the opportunity to have their musical participation. He even became part of ‘Suspect208’ and ‘Blue Weekend’, both groups who opened their doors to him because of his incredible talent.