Lord of the Roses: He is the new “Bachelor”

Lord of the Roses
He is the new “Bachelor”

His name is David Jackson, he’s 32 years old – and the new “Bachelor”! From March 1st he will be on the hunt for his “right piece of the puzzle” as RTL Rosenkavalier. The native of Stuttgart promises: “I’m ready!” And of course we are too.

The RTL viewers know: At the beginning of the year things always happen in quick succession. At the start of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” and “I’m a star – get me out of here!” “Let’s Dance” and of course “The Bachelor” will follow soon! Fans of the well-groomed dome show have not been able to get rid of at least two question marks in their heads for weeks: Who will give the Rosenkavalier this year? And when is it finally going to start?


Which woman can conquer his heart? David Jackson.

(Photo: RTL)

We can answer both questions here: The 13th season celebrates its start on March 1st at 8:15 p.m. on RTL. All episodes can even be accessed a week in advance on RTL+. This year, David Jackson, who is half-US-American, was born in Stuttgart and is a trained insurance salesman, will play the leading role. But the “Bachelor” wouldn’t be the “Bachelor” if the 32-year-old weren’t also a model. He also works independently as a content creator.

The ladies who want to conquer his heart have to be prepared for tough competition. Because so far, three other women have played first fiddle in David’s life: his mother, his older sister and his twin sister, with whom he grew up. “Everything that defines me today, I owe to these three women,” says David. “Maybe that’s why I’m a bit more sensitive and empathetic than other men.”

“Not at the expense of my feelings”


He describes himself as “sensitive” and “empathetic”.

(Photo: RTL)

Hear hear! The right sensitivity is also important for the candidates. “She should know what she wants in life,” says the “Bachelor” the route for the future woman at his side. And even with a couch potato, the fitness fan would probably not do much: “For me, sport also has something to do with self-love. You show your own body a bit of gratitude,” explains the 1.86 meter tall muscle man his philosophy.

With a view to his role as “Bachelor”, David expects to discover new sides of himself: “Certainly I will feel emotions that I have not experienced before and that will take me to points where I have not yet been in my life not true.” He definitely has certain expectations of the candidates: “It’s important to me that the women tell me a lot about themselves. I also hope that they’re there to fall in love – and have no other intentions. It’s completely legitimate, if someone wants more reach. But please not at the expense of my feelings.”

Ready for family

“The Bachelor” on TV

“The Bachelor” runs from March 1st at 8:15 p.m. on RTL. The show is also available on RTL+ at any time, with the latest episode available there one week before it is broadcast on TV. You can find more information about the show at RTL.de.

Anyone who is serious about the “Bachelor” can hope for a long-term future with him. Finally, David, who has been through four relationships and three years single, explains: “I’ve gotten to a point now where I’m like, ‘Hey, there’s room by my side!’ I finally want to get to know the right person with whom I can also tackle the topic of family planning.”

The prerequisite is, of course, that the woman is also the “right piece of the puzzle” that the “Bachelor” says is still missing. “I’m ready!” Promises David – and we’re sure the candidates and fans of the RTL show are definitely too. On the roses, get set, go!