Loredana fuels rumors about the end of her career – just before the start of the tour


Rapper Loredana goes on tour in 2023.Image: screenshot / loredana


Christina Hildebrand

At the beginning of March, rapper Loredana goes on a big “Wifey Tour”. But before the preparations and rehearsals for the shows really start in February, the 27-year-old is still enjoying the calm before the storm and using the free time to spend holidays with daughter Hanna in Dubai. From her vacation home, the musician is now sending thoughtful words to her more than 3.1 million fans on Instagram.

Before the tour: Loredana is on holiday in Dubai

The kick-off takes place in Berlin, followed by concerts in Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich and in the German-speaking areas around Zurich, Vienna and Luxembourg City. “I can hardly wait,” says the rapper into the camera, and her daughter is also looking forward to the shows. Nevertheless, Loredana seems exhausted in her story. Although she wants to “go off, dance off, freak out” on her tour, the musician admits:

“Corona really fucked me up.”

Rapper Loredana: I’m not in the mood anymore

In her story, Loredana actually wants to tell her fans what they can expect from her next. “Soon there will be another single coming out,” she says, but the Swiss doesn’t know which one, as she realizes almost absent-mindedly.

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“You can tell I’m not really in the mood anymore,” she admits. “I kind of lost the fun in the last few months because there were just a lot of things in the background”, a lot had to happen “quickly”. Their mixtape was also created under uncomfortable pressure.

November 13, 2022, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Loredana was named “Best Swiss Act” at the MTV European Music Awards 2022.Image: dpa / Henning Kaiser

And yet, as Loredana explains, she hopes that once the tour starts, the desire and anticipation for her own concerts will increase. Because there is one thing above all that drives them. She “doesn’t want to give the envious what they always wanted.”

Despite the stress that the rapper complains about, Loredana ends her story with a positive message to her community, which probably also helps her through difficult times: “Life is beautiful, life goes on and you shouldn’t give up.”

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