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On October 5, 2000, he landed on American television gilmore girlsa family series written and directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino.

From its first chapter, the production of drama and comedy captured the taste of viewers in their country of origina phenomenon that would be repeated later in other nations.

The fiction starring Lauren Graham Y Alexis Bledelfollowed the daily life of the single mother lorelai gilmore and her teenage daughter Roryin the fictional town of Stars Hollow.

The change of the cast of gilmore girls

Thanks to its success among the public, the plots were extended in a total of seven seasons. Finally, on May 15, 2007, the project came to an end to the sadness of its fans.

Since then, 15 years have passed in which much has happened in the lives of the actors who made up the cast of the project. Here we show you how they look today:

Lauren Graham – Lorelai Gilmore

The actress Lauren Graham became a star playing lorelai gilmorethe exemplary, brave and fun 32-year-old single mother who stars Gilmore girls.

After the production, the North American interpreter has continued to embody different characters on television although none of them has had the same impact as Lorelai.

Along with her acting career, the now 55-year-old celebrity is a writer with three published works One day, perhaps, Speaking in gushes Y In conclusion, don’t worry about it.

Alexis BledelRory Gilmore

Alexis Bledel debuted on television giving life to the adorable roy gilmorea 16-year-old girl who dreams of studying at the University of Harvard.

Since his leading role in gilmore girlsBledel has not stopped expanding his artistic career with performances in projects for the small and big screen.

His most notable role so far is Ofglen in the series The Handmaid’s Tale (2017-2022). In fact, aside from critical acclaim, it won his first Emmy Award for this performance.

In addition to continuing to work as an actressthe now 40-year-old artist is married to actor Vincent Kartheiser since 2012. The couple has a 7-year-old son.

Scott PattersonLuke Danes

The actor Scott Patterson he won the hearts of all giving life to the mythical Luke Danesthe owner of the club frequented by the Gilmores who has a relationship with Lorelai.

Today, Patterson is 63 years old and has not acted since 2018.. However, she is preparing his big comeback with his performance in the next series. Sullivan’s Crossing.

Kelly Bishop – Emily Gilmore

the veteran actress Kelly Bishop was etched in everyone’s mind on the skin of Lorelai’s nosy mother, Emily Gilmore.

After the project, the now 78-year-old actress continued to act to this day. Her most recent role was Benedetta in the fourth installment of The wonderful Mrs. Maisel (2022)

Keiko Agena – Lane Kim

At 27 years of age, the interpreter Keiko Agena brought to life for the first time the Korean teenager Lane Kimthe best friend of Roryin gilmore girls.

After seven seasons of the series, the now 48-year-old star has continued to shine as an actress in film and television. The Serie Better Call Saul (2018-2022) is his latest project.

Milo Ventimiglia – Jess Mariano

Milo Ventimiglia he stole the hearts of the public in the skin of Jess Marianoone of the loves of Rory and also of Alexis Bledel Well, they fell in love on the set and dated for four years.

After the project, the now 45-year-old heartthrob continued to be unbeatable, reaping success. Heroes (2006-2010) and This Is Us (2016–2022) are two of his most notable projects.

Matt Czuchry – Logan Huntzberger

In recent seasons, matt czuchry appeared in the shoes of the unforgettable Logan Huntzberger, a rich and pampered young man who manages to conquer the heart of Rory.

After gilmore girlsCzuchry has continued to act in famous series such as TI have Good Wife (2009-2016) and The Resident (2018-2022). He is currently 45 years old.

Melissa McCarthy – Sookie St. James

The actress Melissa McCarthy left an indelible mark on the public personifying Sookie St James, Lorelai’s best friend.

Today, McCarthy is 51 years old and is one of the actresses of gilmore girls most successful in film and television. Nine Perfect Strangers (2021) is his last series.

Jared Padalecki – Dean Forester

the actor Jared Padalecki embodied the unforgettable Dean Foresterthe first great love of Roryfor 63 episodes in gilmore girls.

Thanks to his interpretation of this character, Padalecki rose to fame and the doors of the artistic world were opened wide for him. Currently, he is 40 years old and still acting.

The series Supernatural (2005-2020) and Walker (2021-2022) and movies like New York Minute (2004) and House of Wax (2005) are some of the productions in which he has stood out the most.

Liza Weil – Paris Galler

The interpreter Liza Weill was immortalized playing the frenemy of Rory. After the series, she has continued to act, although she has not returned to live the frenzy of gilmore girls with another role.

Today, Weil is 45 years old and still going strong in the entertainment industry. The series The Cleaning Lady (2022) and Westworld (2022) are his most recent projects.

Yanic TruesdaleMichel Gerard

Among the most remembered characters of gilmore girls, without a doubt, there is the moody and acerbic Michael GerardLorelai’s assistant at the inn.

This role was played by Yanic Truesdale, who today is 52 years old and still acting. His last role was played in the series God’s Favorite Idiot (2022).

Sean GunnKirk Gleason

The actor Sean Gunn he won everyone’s affection with his performance of the legendary Kirk Gleasonwho surprised in each episode with his occurrences and surreal situations.

After gilmore girls, Gunn went on to build a successful career in film and television. At 48, he is still active in the entertainment world.

Thor: love and thunder (2022) is the last film in which he has acted, according to Imdb.

David Sutcliffe – Christopher Hayden

Last but not least, there is David Sutcliffe. The actor fell in love with the spectators giving life Christopher HaydenRory’s father in gilmore girls.

After his time in fiction, I continue to write the pages of his career. However, in 2019, retired from acting to lead a more spiritual life. Now she is a therapist.