Lorie Pester: An adorable photo with her daughter Nina caused a sensation

Being a mom is probably the best thing that happened to Lorie Pester. The singer, particularly discreet with regard to her private life, however, only very rarely shares photos of her daughter. Interviewed about the latter by our colleagues from Gala, she had thus expressed herself about her strong character. Her passion for music also seems to have passed on to her little one, of whom she has just shared an adorable photo. Her baby is definitely all that matters to the singer and that’s why she keeps him so safe from the vagaries of fame.

Lorie Pester proud of her daughter

Lorie Pester’s daughter was born on September 11, 2020. A moment that the singer particularly likes insofar as life has not always been the most tender for her. For example, she had had problems in her marriage because of the endometriosis she suffered from. Complications that were accompanied by unbearable pain that only ended after receiving a long and suitable treatment. His fight against this disease is not over yet.

Everything had according to Lorie Pester started with pain during her period. It is as if his organs were crushed and he was given many stab wounds. At first in the dark about what was really happening to her, she was finally relieved to learn that it was endometriosis. The reason ? She knew that she could finally benefit from a suitable treatment.

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