Lorna Cepeda ‘La peliteñida’ conquers with her bikini poses at 52 years old – Nueva Mujer

Lorna Cepedathe remembered Patricia Fernandez in I am Betty the Ugly one captivated the hearts of viewers with his character and after appearing in different soap operas, he has conquered with his photographs in his social media.

to their 52 years the hairyas she was called in the melodrama, has been in charge of showing off her stunning figure and remarking that age does not limit sensuality, but on the contrary, her maturity offers her security and experience.

However, on few occasions he usually boasts his figure, which it still preserves as it did a few years ago, unleashing passions with its perches on bikini.

Lorna Cepeda and her bikini poses

To over 20 years the premiere of the production that brought her to fame, lorna She is a bit reserved when it comes to showing her skin, however, from time to time she shows herself uninhibited when posing in tiny bikinis.

“It makes me laugh how one takes these types of spontaneous photos where a little more skin is shown (in my case, I don’t post this type of photos much because I feel weird), in general you ask someone you trust to take your hand. photo, a woman, in this case my niece Sophia; You force her to take a world of photos of you in different positions with a divine landscape and in the end, you end up putting a spectacular xy photo in the background, a brick wall”, wrote the actress of Ugly Betty in the image description.

She has been in charge of living her life after going through a difficult moment in 2016 when she had to undergo very painful procedures due to the appearance of dangerous moles on your skin, mostly located in the back.

It is also for this reason that he is rarely seen sunbathing, since he must protect your skin and attend medical observations every three months.