“Los Montaner”, the reality show that will tell the story of his family

MIAMI, UNITED STATES.- Ricardo Montaner, Camilo, Evaluna, Mau and Ricky They will let their followers know their most private side with the new reality show that they will star in on Disney Plus.

In their social networks, the family revealed the trailer for the reality show “The Montaners” which will be released in the coming weeks.

This series, which will be 10 episodes, will address different stages of the life of one of the most popular and beloved families in the world of music.

In the trailer you can see the moment when Evaluna and Camilo tell about their pregnancy, the same goes for Mau and Sarah announcing the arrival of their first child, as well as the love story of Ricky and Stefania Roitman.

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Although a release date was not revealed, in the material you can see recordings with their cell phones, home videos and interviews where each member of the family will give their testimony.

In addition, they will be accompanied on the tours and trips they made around the world.

“I have dedicated myself to music since I can remember. I have a beautiful family”, says Ricardo at the beginning of the trailer. “The most important thing of all is to take advantage of the family. Music runs through all of our veins,” he added.

Lex Borrero, Tommy Mottola and Ivanni Rodríguez are the executive producers together with the interpreter of “So in love”, his wife Marlen and their children Mau and Ricky.

The filming of the reality show began in April 2021 and the premiere date is still unknown, but it is speculated that it will be at the end of this 2022.

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