Lou Doillon pregnant: she reveals her baby bump in a poetic video

This Friday March 18, 2022, Lou Doillon revealed that she was pregnant with her second child. On Instagram, the singer shared a poetic video to show her baby bump to as many people as possible.

A wonderful surprise! Twenty years after becoming a mother for the first time, Lou Doillon expecting her second child. On Instagram, it is through a touching video that the pretty brunette announced the good news. On the latter, she indeed shows an already well-rounded belly. To accompany this video, the singer shared a poem by Sylvia Plath. “Metaphors I am an enigma in nine syllables. An elephant, a heavy house. A melon walking on two tendrils. O red fruits, ivory, beautiful woods! This bread is big with its yeast leavening. The money is new in this big purse (…) I ate a bag of green apples. Boarding the train, there’s no getting off“, is it written. Finally, the daughter of Jane Birkin added the hashtag Oops I Did It Againthat is Oops, I started again.

In the comments section, Lou Doillon received an outpouring of love. “So much love!“; “Awesome, congratulations!“; “Congratulation ! Of course, you started again! So many souls would like to have you as a guide in this earthly adventure!!!“; “A very good news“; “Congratulations Lou! Happy for you both, this is wonderful news!“, can we read. Twenty years earlier, it was at the age of 19 that Lou Doillon gave birth to his son, Marlow Jack Tigerborn July 12, 2002. If the singer rarely talks about her private life, it was on the occasion of the latter’s nineteenth birthday that she had made him a magnificent declaration of love. Mom filled, she had written: “19! I have now known the world longer by your side than without you. 19 years when I had you, 19 divine years with you!“In story, the star had added:”The world and I are lucky to have you!

Lou Doillon is a happy mother

Yes Marlow Jack Tiger will have a big age difference with their little brother or sister, there is no doubt that he will be present to support his mother in this new adventure. In 2019, it was during an interview with the magazine She that Lou Doillon had revealed to be impressed by his maturity. “He is someone of great gentleness and great serenity.which seems quite surprising to me when I think of myself at the same age…“, she had declared.


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