Lou Pernaut victim of food poisoning? She slips away from social media

Sick, Lou Pernaut was absent from Instagram on May 27 before discovering the source of his ailments unexpectedly.

Lou Pernaut is in pain. The daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut shared this Friday, May 27, in an Instagram story, a snapshot of her with her eyes closed in the dark with a caption for her subscribers: “Guys, I’m sick. I’ll be back soon I promise“. An announcement that leaves little doubt as to the reason for her absence, the young woman being quite simply ill. But what is she suffering from? If at first, Tom Pernaut’s sister did not clarified her symptoms, the latter did not fail to be surprised by the responsiveness of her community.

Whether it’s to criticize her, like to support her, the daughter of Nathalie Marquay can indeed count on his social networks to react to the slightest of his content, in particular his Instagram account which has served as his logbook since the death of his father. This Friday, May 27 is no exception to the rule, since the young woman was able to benefit from very specific information on his condition and to say the least unexpected. While she had indicated taking a break, Lou Pernaut came back a few hours later to post a message sent to her by a user. And for good reason, the text written by one of its subscribers is a delicate attention.

Lou Pernaut informed by a user

And obviously, Lou Pernaut is not alone in not feeling on her plate: “I was part of the girl group at the restaurant that was at the table next to you. We had a chocolate fondue. We are all four sick, we had as symptoms of vomiting and an intense stomach ache. I think we had food poisoning“, writes the unknown. What to reassure the one who recently remained at the door of her home after having forgot his keys. Lou Pernaut greeted with a “I am joy“the gesture of her subscriber, probably relieved to know what her condition was due to.

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