Louane: Accused of badly educating her daughter, she sees red!

Fame is sometimes not easy! Louane can attest to that. After 4 years of absence on stage, the young woman returns, stronger than ever! But to achieve such self-confidence, the singer had to go through difficult times. Newly mother, she sees her body criticized, abused under the gaze of people. Fortunately, beauty goes beyond today: “Yes, I don’t have the same body as three years ago, but strangely I feel much better today. The people who listen to me don’t give a damn what I look like. “Motherhood has allowed me to love my body, much more than I loved it before. To be less hard on myself, and even to find myself very strong. “.

Louane: Exhausted from detractors!

New target? The education she gives to her daughter. Happy mother of a little Esme, she wishes not to show her face. The pretty blonde asserts, her baby has changed her outlook on life: “I don’t even know where to start because the arrival of my daughter in my life has changed things. (…) The most important and biggest upheaval remains all this love experienced. However egocentric I may have been in my life, and I still am perhaps a little today (honestly, we all are in this environment, otherwise we wouldn’t do these jobs), he Suddenly, someone more important than me exists. “. But what about education?

Louane: Accused of badly educating her daughter, she sees red!
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The actress confides in the pressure of the comments: “People’s constant opinions about how I should or shouldn’t raise my child weigh on me. Mothers are constantly judged”Aren’t you a mom? “, or” But where is the baby? “. Well, not in the photo! But right next to it, out of frame. Because I don’t show my child on social networks. And then, if young parents need to have a weekend without their child, they have the right to do so.. Louane does not understand those who allow themselves “to judge the education of others”. Well said ! We remind you that each education is different!

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