Louane: Bad in his skin, his confidences are poignant

Currently mother of a little Esme who is growing visibly, Louane seems to be the happiest of women. The young woman, however, is fighting against a malaise that has been eating away at her for a few years now. Her detractors are all the more numerous to lynch her on social networks in relation to her weight gain. She who already didn’t feel good about herself after giving birth to her little Esme. If she had disappeared from the radar for a few years, the singer had finally returned to the paths of the stage. Motivating in a way the criticisms about it.

Louane confides in this evil which gnaws at her at times

Louane has always been a young woman who assumed herself as she was. We can also discover many photos in which she poses naturally on his Instagram account. We are surprised to see how much she had been criticized for her physique. She had even been the victim of grossophobia and this, on several occasions. Esme’s mom, however, took the hit. This once again reflects his strength of character and above all, his personality.

This strong characteristic personality of Louane has undeniably contributed to forging her reputation. However, she admitted to our colleagues from Marie Claire that some days it was harder to take the hit. It even happened to her to feel bad about herself because the ordeals she was going through were so difficult. The most important thing today remains the fact that she is happy alongside those she loves.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/252861-louane-mal-dans-sa-peau-ses-confidences-sont-poignantes