Louane: “It’s not reality”, she deconstructs perfect appearances on social networks

Through Camille Mutin

– Published on Jan 21, 2023 at 8:00 PM

Louane confides without filter on the relationship to the body when one is a public figure. We tell you more.

To end the year 2022 in style, Louane has released a new album entitled Feelings. This new opus is totally different from the previous ones. Indeed, it is essentially composed of piano / voice. A daring bet for the singer who was not afraid of commercial failure: ” I am very supported by my label and my management for this release. And honestly, I’m not doing this album to be commercial, or whatever. I make this album with my heart, with my guts, and with all the sweetness that I have inside me. In real life I just want to tell you things and make it sweet, because I like music, because I like to sing » . And Feelings has had incredible success! Today, Louane confides in her relationship to the body as a celebrity.

Louane evokes the relationship to the body with an image profession

During her adolescence, and sometimes still today, Louane suffered from complexes: ” It’s not always easy to accept yourself, but I’m learning. It’s part of me. It’s part of everyone, I think, well I hope. If you know people who don’t have complexes, introduce them to me, I’d love to talk to them… So that they really tell me, what are bails? » . And as a public figure, insecurities can come out more violently. The singer confides in an interview.

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On February 6 at the Folies Bergères will take place the second edition of the festival ” body to heart“, imagined by Laurie Darmon. An excerpt was posted on Instagram with Louane who speaks: The relationship to the body when we make an image profession, which is our case, it is obviously particular and biased. There are a lot of injunctions, and at the same time, despite everything, we show things about us that are idealized. What you see from me now is an hour and a half of make-up and hair. This is not reality. This morning, I didn’t wake up like that. Around the age of 12 I started to really become aware of my body, and not feel good about it. » . A touching honesty, and useful.

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