Louane makes new confessions and evokes the death of her parents

The program “Sept à deux” devoted its portrait of the week to Louane, on Sunday May 15. She took the opportunity to confide, in particular on her relationship to mourning.

Louane’s life has not been a long calm river. Interviewed by the show “Sept à deux”, the singer spoke of the death of her parents, who died a few months apart when she was only 16 years old. His first successes and the flight of his career nevertheless helped him to get his head above water. “I think I was very, very well surrounded. And then I really locked myself in work, because I needed to do something else, ”she explained.

“I am very anxious”

Today aged 25 and mother of a little girl, as Gala recalls, Louane can analyze this period of her life with more hindsight. “It delayed things a bit in terms of grieving and I think I broke out a bit later, but in the moment it gave me strength. I also think that thanks to that, even if I took a long time to mourn, it was really sweeter.

If the artist has managed her mourning, she nevertheless remains a particularly anxious person. “I’m not the best person to manage my emotions,” Louane confessed. “I admit, I am very anxious. I have a lot of anxiety. (Seeing a shrink, editor’s note), is learning to manage that. I do it sometimes very very well, and sometimes really really not well. But it does not matter, I learn, ”she added.

Source- https://www.cnews.fr/people/2022-05-16/louane-fait-de-nouvelles-confessions-et-evoque-le-deces-de-ses-parents-1215519