Louane: “You brought me back to life”, after 4 years of absence, she is back on stage!

It’s a good life for Louane! The star is filled between his family life, and his flourishing career. His albums have recently been certified gold and diamond. A great moment for the singer whose success continues to grow! Moved, she sent a message to her community: “ Yesterday something amazing happened to me and it’s thanks to you. Thank you for following me for all these years. I love you with all my heart. Diamond-certified Louane album. Platinum-certified Joie de Vivre album. Love to Death Certified Gold » . What reboost the star just before starting his new tour, after four years of absence! Despite her experience, Louane was very nervous to go back on stage, and to find her audience who had yet missed her so much. But without much surprise, the star was a huge success for his first concert! She confides.

Louane, a success that does not stop!

A few weeks ago, Louane confided in concern. Indeed, the singer encountered difficulties on a piece shortly before her tour: “ It’s almost the tour and I can’t play this part yet… So I’m working on this part and I’m crossing my fingers to get there (…) Maybe I’ll have it all in a month, cross fingers for me » . And everything went well! Very moved to find her audience, the singer sends a message on Instagram.

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On Instagram, Louane publishes photos of his first concert, opening the ball of his tour and writes: “ I just woke up, and it wasn’t a dream! 4 years that we had not seen each other, and for me it was endless. You can’t imagine how crazy it was for me last night. You brought me back to life. I love you with all my heart. See you next week my loves » . Very touching words! One thing is certain, this tour will be a huge success for the singer. In any case, that’s what we wish him!

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