Louis 28, the deliciously decadent series that restores the monarchy in our time

This zany political alternate history, available on France TV Slash, imagines a contemporary France that is still monarchical. The arrival of a simpleton teenager on the throne will awaken ambitions and perfidy within the Court.

What if the monarchy had never been abolished? This is the basic pitch of Louis 28, an alternate history where the French Revolution never took place, privileges were not abolished and the Bourbons quietly occupied their role as kings of France until the present day. Suddenly, the death of King Louis XXVII and the entire royal family in a plane crash will trigger a crisis of the regime. You have to find a male heir of royal blood, with a clean criminal record. Hard business… It is then that we discover the existence of Cédric, the illegitimate grandson of the king who can claim the crown. Born of a union with a French teacher from Melun, commoner and of Moroccan origin, the immature teenager, of the cretin type, is placed on the throne of France.

The young Louis XXVIII, who had a weak political sense (for example, he insisted on abolishing endives), was soon to come up against the harshness of the regent, the ambitious Saint-Avit, who was to do everything to stumble the suburbanites new to the Palace. Because the 21st century version of the Court of France, now established at the Château de Champlâtreux, remains a nest of snakes where perfidy rules.

At the creation of this totally enjoyable series we find the duo Maxime Donzel and Géraldine de Margerie (doggie on SCO, Tutotal on Art). Louis 28 promises humor of course, but also a reflection on contemporary France and its failings, from infotainment to the rise of populism.

The wigged cast includes Nils Othenin Girard (Cédric / Louis 28), Nadia Roz (Queen Mother Samia), Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus (Cardinal de Saint-Avit), Marie-France Alvarez (La Pompa), Brice Michelini (La Vipère) , Sarah Stern (Mrs. of Now), and the participation of Monsieur Poulpe and Augustin Trapenard. This first season includes 10 episodes of 22 minutes, available from this Friday, January 27 on France TV Slash.

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