Louis Bertignac looks back on his relationship with Carla Bruni: “I did not consider her a fiancée”

Yes, Carla Bruni and Louis Bertignac went out together for a while… In 1984! It dates, it’s true, and this love story has remained discreet just as the ex-member of Telephone is about his private life.

But on the occasion of the release of his autobiography at the end of April, Louis Bertignac confides a little more about his life, especially in love. It was to our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs that he agreed to return to his love affair with the former first lady of France.

When she was 16 and was a young model, Carla Bruni was therefore coveted by Louis Bertignac. “I managed to overcome my shyness and embrace it“, he confides to Télé-Loisirs. He especially remembers not having been in total symbiosis with his ex-girlfriend.The first year, I didn’t think of her as a fiancée, more like a little groupie”he lets go before confessing: “I was not comfortable in his environment, maybe I had a preconception against the rich. And then she was very young, I saw myself falling back into childhood, I didn’t like it.”.

Today, 40 years after this short story, the two artists are still friends. Louis Bertignac is also the producer of the album Someone told me.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/louis-bertignac-revient-sur-sa-relation-avec-carla-bruni-je-ne-la-considerais-pas-comme-une-fiancee–1371355.aspx