Louis Morissette is evaluated by his children: here are the results

Inspired by the show The bulletin on the Vero.tv platform, Louis Morissette asked his children to evaluate him for the New Year.

The questions to which the three little Morissettes” had to answer were as follows:

  • My qualities that you appreciate?
  • My flaws that get on your nerves?
  • What should I improve in 2022?

In the pages of Véro magazine, the dad and entrepreneur reveals the results:

In the category of qualities, all three rate “FUNNY”. I’m both happy and surprised, because home is the place where I’m oddly the least funny. I confess that I take my family audience a bit for granted. And being funny when you have to raise kids is a funny combination. A clown does not discipline. I conclude that they understand that I have the capacity to be funny… when I am in public he says in his monthly editorial.

Another observation, Raphaëlle writes: “You are always there for us”, Delphine writes: “caring”, and Justin goes there with “sensitive”. After consultation, they find common ground to say: “When we have a problem, we know that you are always there to listen to us and help us.” The man has his eyes in the water. And the three then launch, in canon, that I am “persevering, working, persistent”. “Persistent, and sometimes it’s funny when you come across our case.” Thanks, Justin, for getting us to the flaws. »

His children also noted a certain rigidity in their father. ” I will quote Raphaëlle, 12 years old: “You are by the book. It is better to be on our business, otherwise it will go badly. Delphine continues with: “You tend to put pressure on us, because you put pressure on yourself all the time.” I remind you that Delphine was my inspiration for the film The Perfect Family Guide. Clearly, even though I’ve stopped talking about performance at home, the heirs know their dad’s DNA. »

It makes : ” Ultimately, what should I improve in 2022? Delphine would like me to finally learn to dance (phew!), Justin wants me to learn how to do good stories on Instagram, and the three suggest that I “take less on your shoulders, delegate more”. I suspect them of eavesdropping on the conversations I have with their mother. »

Read his full text here.

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Source- https://showbizz.net/stars/louis-morissette-se-fait-evaluer-par-ses-enfants-voici-les-resultats