Louis of Cambridge unleashed at the Queen’s Jubilee, these unforgettable images in 2022

Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee had a much more special flavor than usual this year. At the beginning of June, the Sovereign, whose record of years spent on the throne will probably never be exceeded, celebrated her 70th anniversary of reign. A feat that brought tears to the eyes of several people, starting with the fans of course, but also Prince Charles. At the time, the future heir became aware that it was surely the last anniversary of the kind celebrated by his mother.

Seeing such a dense crowd gathered in front of Buckingham Palace to applaud the Queen was too emotional. Even the main interested party, who was not to appear on the balcony due to her fatigue and health problems, seemed to have wiped away a tear in front of all the love that the British people were giving her. This love, the Sovereign really needed it. She, who kept her commitment until the last day (she was still shaking hands with ex-Prime Minister Liz Truss two days before her death), had lost the love of her life the previous year.

The platinum jubilee was therefore joyful but full of nostalgia and sadness to see that a page would indeed soon be turned. But fortunately, the crowd and the Windsor clan were able to count on the disturbing but absolutely essential presence of Louis de Cambridge, the youngest of 4 years old of Kate Middleton and William, to brighten the spirits and change the ideas of all this little world.

Grimaces, sulky pouts, cries… Louis, star of the jubilee

If the event was very important for the royal family, as much to say that watching horses and soldiers idling past for hours without doing anything or greeting the crowd for long minutes is nothing interesting for young children. Admittedly, George, 9, and Charlotte, 7, managed to put on a good show, but it was an impossible challenge for little Louis. So sir had a field day, to the delight of admirers of the Crown!

On the Buckingham balcony, seeing the planes fly by was certainly interesting, but the incessant ballet ended up breaking his ears. At each passage, Louis literally covered his ears (his big sister too) to protect his eardrums and could no longer hold in place. With his mouth wide open, Charlotte and George’s little brother even seemed to be screaming to drown out the noise of the planes.

Another memorable moment: the parade of soldiers and guards. The whole family was seated in the stands set up for the occasion. But there, same thing: difficult to stay in place for hours watching people, as disguised as they are, walking next to each other. To fill the boredom, all means were good. Louis heckled, swung from his chair onto his mother’s lap, forbidding her to speak by placing a hand over her mouth. That was when he wasn’t sticking out his tongue or chaining grimaces. Even his imposing uncle, Mike Tindall, couldn’t reason with the little boy and keep him quiet. If we liked this little show a lot, not sure that Santa Claus was of the same opinion…

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