Lourdes Munguia challenges Maribel Guardia with a little dress on top

They go over to Lourdes Munguia for wearing the skirt up, on social networks Internet users they point out that he already teaches more than Maribel Guardiawhich is why he divided opinions with such a striking photo.

The famous Mexican actress has shown that the years do not pass by her, surprising with that physique and face that she has known how to take care of since the beginning of her career in the world of soap operas in Mexico.

In addition to consecrating himself by having an extensive career in acting, he has also left his mouth open for having appeared in the bunny magazine where he made everyone very restless with that style that is loaded, however, this time he was compared to Maribel Guardia for join the fashion of the skirts above.

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Through his official Instagram account is that Lourdes Munguia He shared with his followers a photograph in which he appears very elegant with a little gold dress with holán in the lower part of it.

So she stands in a daring pose sitting on a padded bench while showing off her heels and with her legs very crossed, however, Internet users say that she already teaches more than the Costa Rican, especially with the dress up.

Despite the negative comments against her person, the truth is that the actress does not let that affect her and continues to share content to the liking of her fans, at 61 years of age she has had the luxury of showing off a great sculpture.

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Lourdes Munguía is one of the women in the world of entertainment who continually seeks to improve herself inside and outside the show business, she recently left her palms on the promenade of the Eduardo Narváez luminaries, inside Plaza Galerías.

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