Lourdes Munguía shows off her marked abdomen in a tiny pink swimsuit

Over the years, Lourdes Munguia It has become a source of inspiration for many women because at 61 years of age it has shown that proper body care can make you look amazing and delay the signs of aging with specific care.

One of the cares that Lourdes Munguía has in her body is exercise, and the routines can be seen in her marked abdomen that without a doubt boasts every chance he gets, as happened in his last post on his Instagram wall where the actress appears in a tiny pink swimsuit that highlights her charms.

Now, the actress of “Destiny” not only enchants with her marked abdomen, but also has a charming smile that raises several sighs, but it is also a frank expression that gives you the impression of seeing an old friend who will undoubtedly be stands out for also being an elegant woman.

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In addition, the incredible thing is that Lourdes Munguía seems to be made with a different wood, because at her age she looks vigorous, elegant, beautiful, characteristics that she shares with her contemporary Maribel Guardia with whom she likes to take pictures from time to time because fans of the two love to see them together.

It should be noted that although Lourdes Munguía and Maribel Guarda look incredible, that physique and face are not the product of chance, since it is a combination of several good habits, such as a balanced diet, constant exercise, general care of health, among others.

Aspects that make Lourdes Munguía an elegant woman

What Lourdes Munguía has taught us is that you can be elegant without ceasing to look sensual, no matter how old you are, that is why today we want to give you some tips that we have compiled from what the actress from “Amantes a la Mexican”.

One thing to remember is that makeup must be balanced and that we should choose the colors based on our skin tone, for example, Lourdes Munguía mainly opts for pinks and their various shades for day to day, but she does not hesitate to use a Carmine red to highlight her sensuality when necessary. .

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In addition, the key when dressing is to maintain balance and prefer clothes that highlight the curves of our body, so a garment can make us look incredible even if it does not have large prints or if it is a single-tone garment, the important thing is to choose colors that highlight our beauty.

A hat can make a difference, something that Lourdes Munguía has also shared with us is that sometimes a hat can make a difference to the outfit and can make it stand out even more, especially if it is a hat with an elegant finish that you can wear even in somewhat informal meetings.

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