Loury Lag, beaten child: The explorer delivers a moving testimony

Through Laura D’Angelo

– Published on Jan 23, 2023 at 07:30

Invited to the show Sept à Huit, explorer Loury Lag spoke with emotion about the violence he suffered as a child.

Exploration allowed him to get his head above water. Guest on the show seven to eight, explorer Loury Lag gave a moving account of his childhood. Indeed, the one who travels the Earth in extremely difficult conditions has returned to a period of his life, colored by the violence of his father. As a child, I suffered physical abuse from my father. Every time he came home, the only way to solve the problems, it was first to put slaps. We are really talking about mistreatment, beatings. And then over the years, after the physical violence of my father, I suffered the psychological violence of my mother.he confides.

Violence from both parents

Now 36, Loury Lag remembers what his mother, who was a psychiatrist, made him experience. “I was a bit of a guinea pig”. He describes his mother as “castrating” with events that have “completely messed up” his childhood. “They tried to restrain me, they tried to control me, which has been the real problem of my whole life. And it’s true that this is what propelled me to exceed all the limits“, he details. At 17, he decided to run away from the family home. The best decision of his life, according to him.

Loury Lag then returns to the event that prompted him to leave. I see my father drag my brother by the hair, and hit him very hard, and there, I decide to go up to my room to retrieve a hunting knife that I had won at the fair with my brother, I threaten him with the weapon and my mother comes between us ». He will then swear to his father that if he raises his hand on one of his brothers, he will “will kill in his sleep”. “From there, there is a very strong split since I leave the house and I never come back again”.

His passage through the street

At 17, he finds himself on the street. Drugs, violence, Loury Lag will know everything. At 20, he was taken into custody. “I surrendered after a year on the run for assault with a weapon in an organized gang, and I went to detention for these facts”, confesses the explorer. Since then, he has wanted to travel the Earth, to find himself and make a line on his past. In 2020, with Matthieu Bellanger, he is developing “seven challenges on the seven continents”.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/311292-loury-lag-enfant-battu-lexplorateur-livre-un-temoignage-bouleversant