Love is in the meadow 2023 – All about Christine, this mother of three children

Christine and ready to write a new chapter in her life. During the broadcast first portraits of the farmers of the 18th season of Love is in the meadow, this Monday, January 30, viewers will meet this sparkling sexagenarian. At the head ofa breeding of Maine coons cats and harlequin Beaucerons dogs, Christine has already had a well-filled sentimental journey. When she was only 17, she married her first love. A union that gave birth to three children, two girls and a boy. But after 40 years together, the dynamic breeder decided to leave her husband “undemonstrative”. Besides this defect, it was a meeting that ended their marriage. While taking part in a dog show, Christine fell in love with another man. A love at first sight that motivated him to leave everything to move to central France. Unfortunately, the magic of the first emotions did not last. This idyll ended after three years. A break that was most painful for Christine.

His heart repaired today, the dean of this new edition of the rural program is ready to start over. Described as “fighter, independent but extremely tender and very emotional”Christine would like “a man to share everything with” with whom she could go on vacation, go out… And to curry favor with the breeder, her future suitors must tick a number of boxes. Christine is looking for “a man of faith”, “kind, simple and who knows how to understand her.” And if one of them lives in the south-east of France, that would fill the mother with joy. Indeed, the latter would not be against the idea of leave the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region to be closer to her three children. It remains to be seen whether Christine will find this ideal companion in one of her letters…

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Christine (Love is in the meadow 2023): her astonishing passion engraved on the skin

Christine is a colorful woman. Evidenced by his passion for wolves. And they are everywhere! Whether through various decorative elements in his house or her tattoos, this wild animal is omnipresent in the daily life of the 61-year-old breeder. A surprising collection that reflects his unusual personality. A taste for this animal that it would be good to share with your future companion. But let her suitors be reassured, Christine is ready to make room for them among them.

Photo credits: Cecile ROGUE/M6