Love is in the meadow: a suitor slams the door the day after her arrival

In the coming days, M6 will broadcast a new episode of ” Love is in the meadow“. If you watch it, you will witness the sudden departure of one of the suitors. She only spent one day on the farm, but an event forced her to withdraw. What happened ? Objeko tells you everything in detail.

This time, it was not a candidate, but a suitor who had the last word, or rather a suitor. Indeed, she decided to leave the adventure when she had only been on the farm for a few hours.

“Love is in the meadow”: a disappointed contender after a day on the farm

This is not the first time that a participation has changed in this way in “Love is in the meadow”. Last year, it was Anne-Lise who left Franck’s farm prematurely. She had made this difficult decision after realizing that Franck could not forget Cécile, his other contender.

You can already watch this episode unreleased on a video-on-demand platform. But you can also wait for the September 25 in the evening to attend this early departure. We’re not going to keep you waiting any longer. It was Laura who packed her bags to quickly leave Alexander’s farm. Unfortunately, she did not manage to make her place in this trio, leaving the field open to its competitor Annaïg.

“When she arrived at the farm, from the first hours, I saw that I liked Annaïg better. It’s like that, it can’t be ordered. I tried to remain neutral for both, but it was obvious that I looked more at Annaïg than Laura. It’s the feeling that was better, that’s how it is, it can’t be explained” had entrusted the farmer to the journalists of “Télé Loisirs”. Alexandre had given this interview just after the broadcast of the very first episode of this new season of “Love is in the meadow”.

Hurt by Alexandre’s reaction, Laura preferred to leave

Against all expectations, this hard-to-hide preference is not the main cause of Laura’s departure. It is rather a lack of understanding from Alexandre who pushed the young woman to leave hastily. Very sensitive, Laura shed a few tears after sharing a horseback ride with the farmer. Indeed, this moment of communion with nature moved her very much.

Even if they were tears of happiness, these have annoyed the bachelor who did not hesitate to ask his contender to pull himself together. This reaction greatly disappointed Laura who, hurt, burst into tears as soon as she found herself alone.

The candidate of “Love is in the meadow” did not understand or comfort her. Asking him to accept his sensitivity, the young woman finally decided to leave the adventure the day after his arrival. The evening following this famous horseback ride, Laura still agreed to spend one last evening with the farmer, his friends and Annaïg.

If Alexandre was not charmed by the sensitivity of the young woman, she also did not find this understanding and benevolent character that she would like to find in a man. Without regrets, Laura has therefore left for new horizons! Will she keep good memories of her participation in “Love is in the meadow”?