Love is in the meadow: an emblematic farmer of the show announces his breakup with his companion

Many farmers from L’amour est dans le pré showed up on Christmas Eve to wish the public a happy holiday season. One of them unfortunately took this opportunity to reveal that his beautiful love story had come to an end…

On social media lately the wishes of the farmers of Love is in the meadow have multiplied. Some like Claire and Sébastien posed as a family others like Stéphanie and Hervé presented themselves as lovers. For those, despite some hardships, happiness is there. The year 2022 is going and 2023, which is advancing, still bears the seeds of many promises. For others it is more complicated. This is the case of Valentin, the Breton colossus who had a nightmare year 2022. Few months ago the young man with the appearance of a viking had opened his heart to the difficulties experienced by his farm, in particular because of the summer drought which had put his farm on the verge of bankruptcy. Painful moments since the bearded man loses at this time 95% of its precious and fragile production. “I remember one evening in June when I sat in front of my garden. I saw all my burnt red fruits, the burnt grass… I wondered what I was going to become and I still haven’t been able to answer the question”, was alarmed the horticulturist who had not managed to get a single salary in 6 years.

“Love Yourself, Appreciate Yourself”

In this chaos, Valentin could count on his cat, his father who lodged him, and on Charliethe lovely dentist who stole her heart while filming season 16 of Love is in the meadow. Last November, the 1.96m giant reassured fans, swearing that Charley was still part of the picture. Their history was still conjugated in the present, but with a nuance, the lovers lived their story from a distance. “We don’t get to see each other a lot, but it is she who re-motivates me, and who maintains the flame of my passion.”, he revealed with a heavy heart, in a vibrant tribute to his girlfriend.

Unfortunately, since the couple put to the test this year, made the decision to separate. If Charley preferred to turn the page without saying a word, Valentin told him, in a story on New Year’s Eve, about the end of their romance: “Thank you for your holiday messages but I must announce that the relationship between Charley and I has come to an end, (…) despite everything, I wish you happy holidays and lots of good things, love yourself, enjoy yourself, enjoy the good times, I kiss you”. A page turns for the farmer, in 2023 everything remains to be invented…