Love is in the meadow: Nathalie, Jean’s ex-suitor, has finally found love?

Unable to hold back, Nathalie never goes there with the back of the spoon. And it is not in 2023 that she will change for a man!

Will Nathalie take revenge on Jean?

Hey, hey, there’s people on the balcony. During the first salvo of portraits of this eighteenth season, we were treated to atypical personalities. First of all, still scalded by his divorce, will the fussy Baptiste find the shoe that suits him? As for the Joris complex, the team ofObjeko has already had the opportunity to speak of her pains that only cry inside. When it comes to cat and dog lover Christine, there’s nothing like words of love to soothe her ailments. By switching from the status of suitor to that of candidate, Julien makes a certain Nathalie cringe. After a bitter failure with Jean, would she have had the courage to relaunch the adventure?

What legendary sequences in Karine Le Marchand’s show! If we had to sort, there is no doubt that the passage of the karaoke fan would be in the top 5. Without sound or image for a year, apart from a handful of relatives, no one knows what Nathalie becomes. Admittedly, for the chosen one of his heart, his romance with Laurence rocks from passion to disillusion. Never mind, she agrees to give her opinion on the new batch of Love is in the meadow. With his outspokenness, it will inevitably sting!

She persists and signs

It is now a ritual to which fans of the program do not derogate. Right after the episode, they are entitled to a report ancient. The fact that they have one or more years of hindsight helps us to better understand behind the scenes. As a result, on Monday evening, aficionados of Love is in the meadow preparing boxes of tissues in anticipation. It is obvious, they go from laughter to tears. Without plugging in Instagram, it’s only happiness to have fresh news from the quiche pro, Nathalie!

Diving back into the archives, how can you not shiver when you see that second when everything changed for Nathalie? Certainly, with a microphone, she has the voice. On the other hand, by noticing that Jean takes action with her rival, she loses her Latin. Upset, uncontrollable, she packs her bags on the spot. No question of holding the candle any longer!

Thanks to the support of her adventure friend Jean-Noël, Nathalie is back on track. Ousted from the show for strange reasons, they are heartbroken. After months of anger, Nathalie ended up summarizing her journey as follows. “My experience, I lived it well, I did not question myself because I know how I am in life. » Not wanting force fate and even less Cupid, she takes her troubles patiently. With men, it is [le] calm [plat]. His theory won’t leave anyone single indifferent. “I haven’t met anyone, and frankly, I’m not looking. I’m waiting for it to come on its own. » Continued in the next issue!