“Love is in the meadow”: Unfiltered revelations from a candidate about his sex life with his wife

It was in 2005 that Love is in the meadow appeared on the small screen of the French. The show, initially presented by Véronique Mounier and Alessandra Sublet, whose career as a host is now behind her, finally landed in the hands of Karine Le Marchand. And as much to say that M6 did well to opt for this choice. Having become godmother and spokesperson for the cause of farmers, the 53-year-old host also repairs hearts broken by love. On the eve of the broadcast of the 17th season of Love is in the meadowwhose portraits have already been broadcast, one of the programme’s emblematic candidates, Thierry Olive, was the guest of TPMP People, broadcast on C8 this Saturday, May 14. The opportunity to reveal the underside of his daily life turned upside down by the filming.

By participating in season 7 of the M6 ​​show, Thierry Olive saw his life completely changed. The farmer met Annie, one of the suitors with whom he wanted to go a long way. And this road together is still not over! Since filming in 2011, the couple has not let go for a week. A few months after the broadcast of their meeting and their television adventure, Annie said ‘yes’ to Thierry on September 14, 2012. Almost ten years later, happiness is still there, well almost!

Faced with Matthieu Delormeau, curious to know the rest of their relationship, Thierry Olive indicated that at this time, their sex life was not as hectic as before. Not out of desire but above all for health issues, according to what he said on the set of C8: “We stored the little tool a lot in the drawer” he said before admitting that his diabetes and the prosthesis of his hip played on their intimacy.

As for the children, Thierry Olive and his wife Annie should not a priori have any together. If none were refractory to the idea of ​​starting a family, life decided otherwise: “I am soon to retire, my wife too” he said. This does not prevent the couple from being always so happy. What’s more, Annie was already the mother of a little girl before taking her life in hand and meeting Thierry. Their blended family suits them perfectly.The farmer ended up reaping what he had been sowing for a very long time: a lot of love.

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