Love is in the pre – Romeo, his vital prognosis engaged following a car accident

A passion that almost cost him his life. In his portrait broadcast during the first prime of Love is in the meadowthis Monday, January 30 on M6, Romeo did not hide his love for beautiful mechanics. L’46 year old farmer is a fan of old cars and motor racing. seasoned co-pilot, he has already participated in several regional rallies as well as French championship events. However, an event put a stop to this “kid’s dream”. On May 18, 2014, Roméo was the victim ofa serious car accident. A drama on which he returned to Karine Le Marchand. “One day, a friend passed by with a nice car. And there, we went to test drive it and a part broke behind”, he recalled. And to continue: And we took off. I had the head which was farted there and I had my vital prognosis engaged for eight days in the hospital“.

Romeo then found himself in a wheelchair and had to face a long convalescence: “I spent seven months in the hospital. I had to relearn to walk, to speak, to write, to do everything. Therefore, this accident was not without consequence on his professional activity. The farmer from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region had to abandon his suckler cow farm and his vines. Today, he produces and sells hay bales. The accident is now “in the rearview mirror” for the fodder producer who aspires to find the woman of his life.

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Romeo (Love is in the meadow 2023): a good man to marry

Since his accident, Romeo has still not found love. Suffering from loneliness, the farmer hopes to finally discover the joys of living together thanks to the country program presented by Karine Le Marchand. An approach supported by his mother who was ready for him “pay for a flirting course” to help him find his soul mate. From then on, this tender-hearted bachelor was looking for a woman. “solar, full of vitality and charm with whom to share his passionate and happy daily life.” Regarding his feminine ideal, he has no specific criteria. For him, “Beauty cannot be eaten in a salad” !

Another important point. Not having had the chance to discover the joys of fatherhood, thefarmer is ready to welcome the children of his dear and tender. And when he has found his rare pearl, Romeo has no shortage of plans for their future life together. The latter would like to transform part of his farm into guest rooms or a farm inn. “It’s the chance of my life, I don’t want to miss it.”he confessed with tenderness.

Photo credits: Screenshot Love is in the meadow – M6