“Love is very conditional”: Thierry Lhermitte shares the secret of his marriage which has lasted for more than 40 years

Thierry Lhermitte was the guest of the show 50 ‘Inside, on TF1, this Saturday, May 14. The French actor answered questions from Nikos Aliagas and shared his “theory on love”, which has allowed his couple to last for more than 40 years.

Thierry Lhermitte was the guest of the show 50′ inside this Saturday evening, May 14, on TF1. He agreed to answer questions from Nikos Aliagas, about his relationship which has lasted for more than 40 years. The French actor has been making perfect love with Hélène Aubert since the 1970s. Proof of this is that they even had 3 children: Astrée, Victor and Louise.

“You’ve been married to the same woman for 40 years. Is there a secret?”asked him Nikos Aliagas in 50′ inside. To which Thierry Lhermitte replied: “There is no secret. To me, it seems to me that it is to know that love is not unconditional. Love is conditional.”

The actor then shared his “love theory” to the presenter of the show. “When you’re little, you only know the love of your parents. As a rule, it’s called unconditional love. Well, and so you learn in your first love stories that it’s not unconditional, that love is very conditional. So it’s negotiable and it’s temporary. Temporary that can last a lifetime, but it can stop all the time. So it seems to me that when we realized that it was conditional and temporary, we can live with that”he developed.

He had also shared another of his secrets about love in 2007, to the magazine Gala. Thierry Lhermitte had indeed revealed that he never celebrated his wedding anniversaries with Hélène Aubert. “We don’t celebrate it because we’re afraid it’ll bring us bad luck. Perhaps that’s the secret to the longevity of a relationship: thinking that it could end tomorrow. (…) In a couple , in addition to the seduction, which is necessary, there must also be this feeling of insecurity. It’s good…”he explained at the time.

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