“Love Island”: mega scandal after the start of the season

Finally “Love Island” again! Already after the first episode of the new season, viewers have a lot to say online – but the response is not exactly positive.

  • The new season “Love Island” started on Monday, March 21
  • Viewers are disappointed with the first episode
  • The fans particularly dislike the candidates

“Love Island”: The fans are disappointed

Five candidates hope to find love on the dream beach of “Love Island”. But unlike previous years, there was this time no mating ceremony at the beginning, because this time everything should be different.

The two candidates Adriano and Bucci begin their “Love Island” adventure in the Brotel, without any women to accompany them. The spectators are from the gentlemen anyway little enthusiasticthe prelude and especially the men don’t do well on the net.

“Love Island”: “It can’t really get any worse”

The fans give themselves on Twitter disappointed and frustrated, they had imagined the season opener to be more exciting. The first episode is therefore “super boring” been, one user finds, another finds “how cringe please was the first episode.” Another viewer says:

I see it positively: It really can’t get any worse.

The community finds the men even worse than the general mood:

Only one of the boys manages to speak straight.

The girls are so much more interesting than the guys.

The candidates are this time all so uncomfortable! Great.

I don’t think the ladies will choose one and will probably do best with it.

Ouch, that doesn’t exactly sound good for the boys. But in contrast to the spectators, the candidates seem to have a taste for men. Jess in particular seems to have set his sights on Adriano. Will the two get closer and will he still be able to convince the audience?

Source used: Twitter