Love or revenge? Irina Baeva does not let go of her engagement ring and refuses to pose with Gabriel – Nueva Mujer

Since May of last year, the couple of actors Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto have rarely been seen together, who had promised to be together for life, but everything seems to indicate that even the only thing that maintains the relationship is an advertising contract , in which it was allegedly indicated that if they separate, the agreement ends.

But this contract is about to come to an end and the “boyfriends” have been ready, for months, the statement to announce the end of the romance, which began four years ago. Their love was so intense that they flooded their Instagram accounts with photos together “very lovey-dovey”, until in 2020 they leveled up.

They announced their engagement to be married. Everything was ready for the big wedding, but the radical global quarantine due to Covid-19 arrived and they had to postpone it, then there was the war between Ukraine and Russia, the country where the model is from, which is why her parents couldn’t go to America.

And finally the work commitments. Excuses after excuses that were delaying the relationship. Neither appears on the other’s Instagram anymore. But, what does not stop having a presence on the popular social network is the engagement ring that Gabriel gave to Irina.

She doesn’t stop bragging about it. It even seems that all the commercial photos, especially the detailed ones, it is essential that the ring appear. He revealed that she refuses to give the “rock” to the actor, so he has chosen to show it and detail it whenever he can.

Of course, without his presence because in the few images of Gabriel since May 2022, they are only old photos in which his hands are not shown. Could it be that she refuses to leave the relationship? Or is it revenge?

The hosts of the Venga la alegría program maintain that Gabriel would have asked her for the ring, but she refused, because this is the way in which she can continue claiming that they are together. In addition, it is rumored that he would be dating his partner Sara Corrales, whom he complimented on her birthday.

During her 30th birthday, she celebrated it alone in Qatar last year. The actress took advantage of Shaira’s success, “Monotonía” to dance on board a yacht. This topic is well known that the Colombian dedicated it to her ex-partner, the soccer player Gerard Piqué for her infidelity with Clara Chía Martí.

Later they were both seen together in the Adrián Uribe program, At night, but without sleep. Also at the airport in Mexico when they arrived from the United States. Even at the GQ magazine event, the model arrived alone without the actor and she claimed that he was working.

“They are pure speculation, the only reason why we have been able to separate, not be together, is for a matter of work. I was in Qatar, which is many kilometers from Mexico. He is filming the soap opera and for that very reason he is not here with me today. He is in the forum, he is recording. (…) We never separated, we never had problems, we never had crises, we never had lawsuits, “he said during an event held in December last year.

It is expected that in the coming weeks both will make official what everyone already knows: the end of the romance, although only Irina knows what she will do with the ring.