Love secret about Davina and Shania revealed

Davina, 18, and Shania Geiss, 17, lead a great life: wonderful vacations, good food and luxury cars – the only thing missing for a perfect everyday life is the right man at the side. Now the two revealed whether this exists.

  • Davina and Shania Geiss are officially single
  • Robert and Carmen Geiss hope it stays that way for a while
  • Now Robert spoke plainly about the love life of his daughters

The Geissens: Are Davina and Shania taken?

Davina and Shania Geiss often guess with their parents, whether it’s because of Robert’s car, which Shania spray-painted red, or an argument on a family vacation. However, the fuel is particularly strong when it comes to one topic: the steady friend. The two Geiss sisters are now in the prime of their teenage years, and Davina recently even came of age. An age when most people have already had their first love experiences. However, Davina and Shania seem to be a bit skeptical about this – the main reason for this is Robert, the head of the family, who told the friend “cut off all fingers” would, should it exist.

But does dad even know what his daughters are up to?

The Geissens: Robert is unsure about the love life of his daughters

Robert doesn’t seem to be quite so sure what his daughters’ love life looks like after all:

I I’m not so sure about thatif i know nothing and if I haven’t heard anything yet, but of course it’s also possible that you don’t have a boyfriend yet.

At least when it comes to baby Shania, he seems to know what’s going on:

So Shania definitely, nothing rings through at all.

If it’s up to her parents, it can stay that way for a while, as Carmen revealed a few weeks ago. “The children don’t think about partners” she was sure and confessed: “The day will come. We’re glad it’s not here yet.”

Will that change soon?

Source used: RTTWO