Low blow! Without mincing words, Belinda ‘makes fun’ of Christian Nodal’s new romance

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Mexico City.- Three months after publicly announcing that their romance ended Y marriage commitment with Christian Nodal, Belinda Be honest about how you’ve lived duel After his breaking off And do you send a message to your ex about your new conquest?

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In an interview for the portal Playz Iconsthe Spanish singer and actress made an impact by revealing if look for love after breaking up with the Sonoran artist, who has recently been seen in a beautiful woman and has even posed for men’s magazines with a model.

Belinda, who has just released the series welcome to edenopened her heart and revealed that after her breakup she now seeks a lot of peace and tranquility to heal her soul, because the gossip about the ring she received has also been a lot for her.

For many, this would have been a strong hint to his ex-partner, who has appeared with multiple women in public since his breakup and according to users “does not know how to be alone”.

On the other hand, some assure that Beli is not focused on what Nodal is doing and has preferred to focus on her and seek tranquility in both her personal and professional life.

Happiness is much simpler than perhaps one thinks, and it comes from within, you have to be well, because if you are not well, not even if the nicest person arrives, nor the prettiest, if you are not Well, you can’t give that love, and you can’t receive it either,” Belinda said.

And he added: “I am at a time when I am enjoying myself, I value everything much more, I enjoy being with 4, which is my puppy that I brought with me, every interview, every moment I enjoy very much.”

Later, Belinda acknowledged the love and support that he has received from his followers, especially in difficult times.

For many years, obviously they always tell me ‘today is Belinda’s international day’, so all the fans send me messages, videos, letters, gifts, they are the best, I am lucky to have a family, because I call them as a family because they have grown up with me, they have lived everything with me, we have had incredible moments and I am fortunate to have little angels and such beautiful people in my life that I am very grateful,” she declared.

Finally, the beautiful actress preferred not to give importance to gossip about her private life and made it clear that she feels braver than ever to raise her voice.

I always say that there is much to be done, but we are at an important moment, at a good moment, in which we are having many more opportunities, we are listened to much more and we have to continue having that same empowerment, that same desire, without fear, I think the most important thing is not to be afraid to speak, to express yourself, to be who you are,” he concluded.

Source: Playz YouTube channel, Mexico Agency and Instagram @belindaynodal