Low pressure prevents Silvia Pinal from performing as Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your grandmother! – The Sun of Mexico

This Wednesday, Silvia Pinal’s return to the stage was planned, at the premiere of the musical Caperucita, what’s up with your grandmother!, but due to a medical condition the actress could not go on stage, as announced.

At 9:07 p.m., the actor Carlos Ignacio appeared, characterized as The Fierce Wolf, to explain: “Thank you for your presence. Thank you for your wait. Unfortunately we have a problem behind. Mrs. Silvia Pinal cannot appear today because due to all the emotion that she has, she has had a drop in blood pressure and the doctor recommends that she not appear. Her role will be given by her partner Norma Lazareno “.

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Carlos Ignacio, who is also the director of the staging, assured that next week Silvia Pinal will give the function, an announcement that provoked applause from the public.

Among the personalities who attended the opening night were Erik del Castillo and his wife Kate, Laura Zapata, Emilia Carranza, Latin Lover, Ariel Lopez Padilla, Aida Pierce and Alejandra Ávalos.

Silvia Pinal is criticized for her return to the theater

In social networks fans came out to criticize the appearance of Pinal, as they assure that the family of the first actress should not allow her to continue working at her age.

Similarly, they referred to the actress’s remarkable state of health, assuring that it is not correct that she appears prostrate on a wheelchair throughout her performance. The netizens exploded against the directors, but Ivan Cochegrus came to the defense and thus replied “This tribute in theater is his decision to be close to his audience. Those who do harm with their comments and lies, may God bless them.”

Not everything was there because not only the fans reacted to the appearance of Silvia Pinal in the play, actors such as the renowned Lalo España also criticized the fact, “Terrible that they do this with Doña Silvia Pinal. Terrible. What a pity!” said the comedian.

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For her part, Sylvia Pasquel assured during an interview on the morning show “Venga la Alegría” that her mother enjoys being able to be in contact with her audience, “When a person has been as vital as my mom, who has always worked and has always been active, would you let her sit all day watching television or would you give her the opportunity to be on stage receiving the love and applause of people?” commented the also actress.

With information from Iliana Omaña | the press