Lu de la Tower, to conquer the world

At 22 years old, Santa Cruz singer Luciana de la Torre o Lu of the Tower, his stage name, finds fulfilling the dream to live by and for music. With four songs premiered in a year and a new one on the way, He considers that he has started a climb from which he does not intend to rest until he reaches the top.

It was not easy to find the way some time doubted meet expectations, but today, sure, nothing and no one stops her.


As a child she learned to play the guitar, sing, dance and act, although he never imagined doing it on stage. “All my I’ve been a playwright in my life, but I didn’t think about being an artist”, she says.

Remember that was when your parents introduced him Argentine rock and the classics in English, that something caught fire inside of him.

When he finished school he decided study Art and Advertising Direction in Argentina and shortly before to continue specializing in Germany took a turn and, although fearful, she proposed show the world what you got to offer.

Repeat, because it’s recorded in his memory, that the dream became reality on May 14, 2021, when he launched his first song, Electricity, in pop rhythm.

The response was very good. video clip exceeded 39 thousand reproductions on YouTube and that encouraged to record Not your baby, No you stay and runaway, all with their own video clip in which Lu takes care of every detail to achieve a international level.

the last one was the most successful, with 351 thousand views so far.

Since then the doors have been opened wide; she was invited to perform at Miss Bolivia and Expocruz 2021.

In addition, she was chosen best female artist in the Bolivian Music Awards, the most important music distinctions in the country.

In the men’s category, Bonny Lovy won, so she was thrilled to be on par with such a talented colleague.

fog on the road
The decision to jump into the public eye caused her anguish, but soon she realized that what really affected her was suppress your talent.

With suitcases full of dreams he returned to Santa Cruz de la Sierra and after his launch as a pop artist he only felt love and lots of support starting with their parents and ending with their followers who are increasing day by day and who are the best. She feels full, happy, unstoppable.

I’m on this path because I took many others wrong to get to it, but I wouldn’t change any of them,” he says.

She has been very active on social media lately, especially Instagram, where today it has 17 thousand followers. Nothing is saved there, he thanks, consults and responds to his followers.

Travel photos are the most common in your account, and it is that

Lu often accompanies Andrew MacLeanphotographer known as The Bolivian Traveler and the owner of his heart.