Lucas Cordalis explains why he was unpopular with the others

According to Lucas Cordalis, there were misunderstandings about his character in the jungle camp.

According to Lucas Cordalis, there were misunderstandings about his character in the jungle camp.picture: rtl

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Lucas Cordalis took third place in the jungle camp on Sunday. It came as a surprise to some viewers, because the candidate had previously caused Zoff with several unfortunate formulations. Among other things, he stated that Djamila could not understand his motivation because she grew up in a home.

In a press conference by RTL on Monday morning, the 55-year-old went into more detail about what exactly could have made him unpopular.

Cordalis responds to fake allegations

“I showed how I am,” Cordalis clarifies after his competitor Gigi repeatedly said on the show that he was pretending or was “fake”. Many viewers saw it that way over the course of more than two weeks. Cordalis then expresses a theory on the controversial word “fake”:

“I think that’s because Gigi said that so many times, if I’m honest. I have the feeling that everyone else in the camp didn’t feel that way. Only he just kept using that word.”

Lucas Cordalis reached at the end "just" the third place.

In the end, Lucas Cordalis “only” achieved third place.Image: rtl

The third-placed classifies the situation a little more closely and adds with a view to Gigi: “I don’t know if he didn’t quite understand what he was saying. I’m completely different from him. Maybe he didn’t understand me as a person. Well, let’s forget it.” In any case, Cordalis was “convinced until the last minute” that he would win. He still begrudge the triumph to the winner Djamila.

Jungle Camp: Is Cordalis too special?

Cordalis further suspects that he was simply generally misunderstood: “I’m probably different from others, so maybe they didn’t understand me at all. I’m just very harmonious, fair, straightforward. I don’t like to get caught up in arguments, resentment or envy. All this is not my world‘ is his justification.

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Cordalis quarreled mainly with Gigi.Image: rtl+

He then goes on to explain his position further: “Obviously people don’t understand the mindset if you focus on the positive and not the bad things. Or if you don’t try to pinch the hair in the ointment with others to find and chew on.”

Clarification on Gigi Birofio

Referring again to Gigi, he says, “The situation has escalated enough to be honest. It feels like a misunderstanding, a mosquito was made into an elephant.”

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In the meantime, however, everything seems to be fine between the two: “We walked into the hotel arm in arm and there is no more stress between us at all. We make up again,” reveals Lucas. His conclusion is: “We won’t be best friends anymore, we live on different planets. I’m a family man, he’s a young guy who has yet to find his way. But that we are arguing – quite the opposite.

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