Lucas Cordalis straddles Peter Klein’s statement

Lucas Cordalis, Peter Klein at the departure of the I AM A STAR - GET ME OUT HERE jungle camp candidates to Australia at Frankfurt International Airport in Frankfurt am Main on January 2nd, 2023 *** Lu ...

After the jungle camp, Peter Klein and Lucas Cordalis went back to Mallorca.Image: / imago images


Janna Eiserbeck

The affair drama about Lucas Cordalis’ Australia companion Peter Klein could now really pick up speed again. Because after the jungle camp finale, the celebrities are now on their way home – and Peter will soon meet his (still) wife Iris. In his Instagram story, the 62-year-old speaks up for the last time from Australia – and you can clearly see the events of the past few weeks.

“It was a moving time here. A lot of things happened. A lot of unexpected things”, he sums it up in his video, in which Peter seems tired and a bit depressed. However, they would have missed the actual goal of the journey – to make Lucas the king of the jungle.

“Let’s see what next year brings. Of course we hope that everything will be fine again and that we can get out of this situation with a black eye and life will return to normal and all the stress and frustration that has been building up over the last few days will evaporate and everything will be fine again,” he says, looking down.

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Peter Klein speaks up on Instagram.Image:

Lucas Cordalis hopes Peter will be ‘lucky at home’

Visibly depressed, he thanks the fans for the support and support for his son-in-law Lucas. He even addresses his new followers with words of thanks, who, as he knows, follow him mainly because of the affair rumors and the jungle camp. They are entitled to be curious, he says. But he hopes that they will also like his normal life.

Later he spoke again from the airport in Brisbane, reporting that he was about to board the plane to Singapore. From there he travels on to Frankfurt and then to Mallorca – home. He hopes that he is “lucky” and that Wi-Fi is available again on the plane. Lucas Cordalis steps in at this point and throws in with a grin: “We hope you’re lucky at home.” Peter just laughs a little tormented. “I hope so too. Okay, that will show,” he lets his followers know before he says goodbye.

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How things will continue for Peter Klein in Mallorca will be seen in a few hours. Will the followers then be informed directly about the current state of affairs? Questionable.

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