Lucerito Mijares explained how not being a normal girl helped her feel comfortable with fame | Famous

Having contact with the entertainment industry has not been something out of this world for Lucerito, since she has known this world closely since she was a child.

Said approach at such an early age meant that the daughter of Lucero and Mijares had a childhood and adolescence unlike that of many girls and boys. For this reason, she considers that she is not a normal girl, as she revealed to the magazine ‘Who’.

Lucerito Mijares admitted not being a normal girl

During his childhood and early adolescence, Lucerito Mijares was somewhat distant from the spotlight, but that did not mean that he did not know closely what it means to be famous.

Being the daughter of Lucero and Mijares helped her to have a fairly clear idea of ​​what it is like to have the spotlight on her, something that today she already experiences firsthand.

“I think that from a very young age I’m very used to (fame), for me this is like a normal life because I think I’m not a very normal girl,” she explained to ‘Who’.

Although having two famous dads caused Lucerito not to have a normal childhood. However, this did not mean a bad thing, but a great advantage when it came to venturing to have his own career in the industry.

He warned that it really does not bother him that his parents are famous, since it is the only thing he has known in his life, so he does not have a point of comparison.

“I haven’t lived any other way… My life hasn’t been normal.”

Being used to being in the public eye was a great help for Lucerito. However, this did not exempt her from suffering negative comments on social networks, something inherent to her fame.

However, the young woman shows great maturity in the face of these criticisms, which she prefers to ignore.

After his participation in the musical ‘Cage of the crazy’, Lucerito revealed that he would love to continue developing in musical theater: it is one of his dreams.

Fortunately, the young woman has the support of her parents to pursue her goals.

In this sense, Lucero, who was with her daughter in this talk with the magazine ‘Quien’, warned that despite not knowing what destiny will bring, since it is very different to start a career now compared to what she lived , she and Mijares fully support their daughter.

“We support her a lot… as things go on for her, she will make us very proud.”