Lucero and his most iconic songs that gave him fame

The bride from Mexico is delighting her fans with her beautiful voice in Until we were made, a tour in the company of her ex-partner Manuel Mijaresbut this trajectory of years began long ago, today we decided to gather their most iconic songs.

I promise you was the singer’s first album, at only 13 years old she managed to capture the attention of a large audience and enchant with her voice. For 1985 Lucero recorded her third musical production called “fire and tenderness”, which is well remembered since at the same time she shared the screen with Luis Miguel in the movie Love Fever.

For the following year, Lucero released the album “A Little Piece of Me”, of which singles such as “All the Love in the World” and “It Was the First Time” stand out, and later in 1988 he released “Don’t talk to me about him”, “Your faithful friend”, “go with her” and “millions better than you”.

But it was until his album tell methat the singer received significant recognition for her talent, since a song with the same name emerges from it, which was included in the 100 best pop singles in Spanish of the 80s.

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In addition to reaching second place in Billboard’s Top Latin Songs for 25 consecutive weeks in Mexico, Costa Rica and Argentina. An achievement that would be the first of many, since in 1990 he won two platinum records for his start in the ranchero genre with the CD “Con mi Sentiment”.

From there his career took a different flight, since the following years he collaborated with great artists such as Joan Sebastian and José Guadalupe Esparza, figures with whom he recorded, “Let there be no trace”, “Sad memories” and “Cry”.

What soap opera songs did he record

In addition to these singles that her fans fondly remember, Lucero also collaborated with the themes of some soap operas such as, “ The privilege of loving” and “My destiny is you”, already with a more modern touch. He has certainly had a history of admiring this woman.

We hope that with each of the singles mentioned have come regards of those times, it is beautiful to remember the good. So far the singer has not revealed anything about her, so do not forget to follow her on her social networks.

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