Lucero shares the formula she uses to protect her daughter Lucerito from abuse and harassment

Mexico.- Singer bright Star She recalled that since she began her career, at the age of 10, her mother, Lucero León, did not separate from her, since her intention was that her daughter would not suffer any abuse, which is what she seeks with her daughter, Lucerito Mijares.

The 52-year-old singer gave an interview for the program Wake up Americawhere she recalled that in the past, her mother did not separate from her at any time, despite the fact that this caused her criticism for years.

The interpreter confessed that she would like to be present on the path that her daughter Lucero is starting in the music industry, to prevent her from suffering abuse as has happened to other celebrities.

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When Lucero cannot be with Lucerito, it is Manuel Mijares who accompanies her on her path through music. Photo: Special.

She adds that although she cannot meet him due to work reasons, Lucerito is accompanied all the time, either by her father, Manuel Mijares or another person you trust.

I wish I could, I wish I could be like that with my daughter, I want to always be close to her, sometimes for a thousand things and my commitments do not allow me to be stuck all the time like my mother was, “said Lucero.

Lucero points out that she has excellent communication with her daughter. Photo: Special.

We talk a lot, I advise her a lot and we are very close in many things, obviously there is always someone who is with her, if it can’t be me, it’s her dad and if not someone very close and with a lot of confidence, “said Lucero about her daughter. 17 years.

The call “America’s Girlfriend” He remembered the hate that his mother received for becoming his shadow, but thanks to that he did not suffer harassment or abuse in his childhood.

For me it is an enormous fortune to have had that support and care; a public acknowledgment to Doña Lucero León. She always said: ‘I don’t care if they hate me or if they like me, for me, my daughter comes first”.

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