Lucero talks about Michel Kuri and his “soul commitment” | Famous

In a recent meeting with the press at the Mexico City airport, the singer was questioned about the reasons why she is not yet engaged to the Mexican tycoon’s nephew, Carlos Slim.

Name! No…”, expressed the also Mexican actress to the microphones of Despierta América to rule out her desire to marry for the second time. What she did make clear is the strong bond she has built over almost a decade of dating Kuri: “It is commitment of the soul, of the heart and others“.

The one known as ‘The Bride of America’ has said that with him she has a relationship based on love, trust and support, so getting married has not been her priority.

Lucero assures that Michel Kuri is not jealous

In August 2021, Lucero gave details of her relationship with Kuri in an interview for TVNotas magazine, where she stated that they were closer than ever: “He is a very intelligent man and he supports me a lot in everything I do. The only thing he does is make me happy and love me. We love each other without commitment, we do not have children in common and we are not married, but we are together because we want to; what makes us stay together is the love and affection we have for each other and now we are more united than ever”.

In 2021 it was speculated that the relationship was coming to an end and there was talk of a reconciliation with his ex Manuel Mijares, the above, due to the closeness that the artists have shown in recent months.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the protagonist of soap operas and the interpreter of ‘The privilege of loving’ have dedicated themselves to providing support to their youngest daughter, Lucerito Mijares, who is following in his footsteps in music. Likewise, last September they participated as judges in the reality show “El challenger” and on December 31, 2021 they gave a concert together in Acapulco, Guerrero.

The singer put an end to those rumors in an interview published by TVNotas on August 16, 2021. “She’s a total liar. Fortunately, with my eternal boyfriend, because we are the eternal lovers, I am happy with life. We have not separated, we are very happy together,” he said.

In addition, he added that the happiness of the couple is above speculation and that her boyfriend was not jealous of the closeness he has with his exwhom he still considers a friend after their divorce in 2011.

Zero jealousy, trauma, argument, fight or anger, and I don’t like to clarify the lies, but it’s good that you ask me at this moment to say that we are happy as always. We have been very happy for many years, “he assured about whether Michel Kuri was jealous of Mijares.


Michel Kuri is proud of his girlfriend

The businessman, who is usually discreet with his relationship, also He spoke of the speculations about a breakup with his partner. In an interview for various media that broadcast the program ‘Suelta la sopa’ in October 2021, Kuri stated that he did not care about the time his wife spent with the singer and that, instead, he liked to see them work together.

“Name, how jealous? On the contrary, a pride that they do such beautiful things, the truth is that they are doing very well […] They are a fantastic couple What can I tell you? What is seen is not asked, is it?” she pointed out.